• Improved academic performance
  • Increased confidence
  • Proven results


Nicholas C. - 2012

"My Tutoring Place helped me keep my GPA and raise my SAT scores, and ultimately I was accepted into Johns Hopkins, Duke and Yale."

Early-on assessment and establishment of goals:

We first evaluate students in order to identify needs and sit down with the family to delineate short-term as well as long-term goals. .

Gina C. - 2016

"After receiving help from Helena on my SATs, ACTs and College Applications, I got into Harvard and Stanford. Thank you My Tutoring Place!"


Gavin L. - 2012

"My Tutoring Place helped me raise my SAT scores and write my college essays. I got into USC and Harvey Mudd!!"  


Understanding the whole person:

A more confident child will perform better in every aspect of his or her life, including at school. 

My Tutoring Place

Lilly T. - 2010

"I really had a terrific time at My Tutoring Place! Helena and Jon are truly caring teachers who helped me realize my dream of getting into UC Berkeley."

Applying individualized attention

Each child learns in his or her own style and pace.  Individualized attention reaps faster and better results.